Carol Clift - Reflexologist Barns Green nr Horsham

Carol Clift - Reflexologist Barns Green nr Horsham


My Treatments

Reflexology can be for pure relaxation, stress relief or I can work on any physical problems you may have.  

Reflexology is not considered a diagnostic tool but it can show up areas of imbalance in the body.  

During each Reflexology session I treat the whole body through the feet (with the exception of Maternity Reflexology where certain points must be avoided) - Reflexology balances the body and in turn the mind, it is soothing, calming, relaxing and troubles ease away.

Your Reflexology session will be about an hour but I do not work to the clock, some clients come to completely switch off, drift away and listen to calming music - others like to chat and there can be a lot of laughter (and sometimes tears) but this does not detract from the effect of Reflexology.  I do require you to fill in a medical history form/consent form and this information is kept solely for my records, it is not forwarded or shown to a third party, your data is safe.

Occasionally I have a client who thinks it's up to me to find out what is wrong with them and I'm happy to go over the feet to see what they show up first, but the consent to reflexology must be signed and I need to know if there are any medical contra-indications.  Having said that, Reflexology cannot and will not do anything the body does not want.

Maternity Reflexology 

I like to see mums regularly throughout their pregnancy, although you are welcome to attend at any time. I also prefer they have their doctor/midwife's consent to receiving reflexology.

Turning baby

Reflexology cannot do and will not do anything the body does not want that is the first thing to remember.

It is possible to turn baby but there may be a very good reason for the baby to be in the 'wrong' position and nothing I can do will alter this. However, relaxing mum could create the right conditions for baby to just pop itself into the best position for birth.

Priming for Labour

You have all heard 'baby will come when it is ready' and that is so true but that does not mean to say we cannot ease things along.  However, if there is a medical reason why baby is reluctant to make an appearance, there is nothing I can do other than relax mum.So what do I mean by 'ease things along' - well if a mum is very anxious, stressed, has her 'birth plan' all sorted and everything in place and still baby shows no signs of coming, baby may well be thinking 'hang on here, this is too stressful, I think I'll just sit it out for a bit' if I can soothe mum, relieve the stress and anxiety thus relaxing the muscles and the mind, this could well be the conditions that will start off labour but there are no guarantees.  However, the one guarantee is it will do no harm and will leave mum in a good place for the birth.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

I am qualified in the Sally Kay method of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage - please see link on left